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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum amount of services?

We do not require a minimum number of services. We try to accommadate any size party, whether it be one person or 12. If your date and time are available, we want to be there for you.

Do you do more than one wedding a day?

Your wedding day is an important day and you are our only focus that day! We only book one wedding per day so we can give you our full attention and give you the best hair and makeup.

Will you hold my wedding date?

Wedding dates will not be held without a signed contract and non-refundable deposit. Once a contract is emailed to you, you have 4 days (including weekends) to sign your contract and send your deposit. After those 4 days, your date will be released.

Can I book a trial before booking my wedding?

Although you can have a trial before booking, there are no guarentees that your date will still be available if you want to book.

When should I book my trial?

Trials should be done 3-4 months before your wedding. Please see our tips to help best prepare for your trial.

Where are trials held?

Trials are held at our home studio in Williamstown, NJ.

Will you travel to my location on my wedding morning?

Absolutely! We are an on location team and will travel to whereever you need our services. Travel expenses are calculated from 08094.

I have a tattoo I would like covered up, can you do that?

We can absolutely cover your tattoo up for you. Pricing varies depending on the size of tattoo and will be determined upon seeing the tattoo.

Do I need to bring my own makeup?

We will provide everything needed to create a look that will last all night. We ask you to show up with a freash, clean face and we will handle the rest.

Will you stay for touchups after my ceremony?

A stlyist can stay to help you with touchups after your ceremony. The cost for touchups is per hour and travel if different locations are involved.

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